Audience Reviews


The Israeli agency whose work it depicted is a real beacon for the dark times we’re living in. Bravo to Harmony Theatre for lifting up that story. Please stay in touch about future performances of the show.
David Jordan Harris
Executive Director Rimon: The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council an initiative of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation

It was very informative. I enjoyed learning about Tikkun Olam. I’m not Jewish so it was interesting to learn more about Jewish faith traditions. 
Patricia A Frazier, PhD
Director of Graduate Studies, Distinguished McKnight University Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota

I love the idea of spreading the word about such an amazing organization through art! I hope that the play can reach more people in its future run, since its such a cool way to inform the public!
Ilana Blyakher Student at the University of Minnesota, part of Chabad at the U

I truly enjoyed the performance. I found myself really caring about each character. The actors were excellent. I also enjoyed the panel after the performance. I think this show should be presented at synagogues, churches and schools across the state. Excellent!!!
Laurie Swabey, PhD Professor of Linguistics, St. Catherine University

It was so nice to hear about something positive happening between Palestinians and Israel! 
Carol Frisk 

The play has the heart of God. You can see the beauty of God's chosen people filled with compassion to not just serve their own, but the world no matter where you are from. 
Barbara Nylander  

I found it very creative and inspiring. Glad to know about this project. 
Jane Katz
Visual artist

I was there Sunday June 17 to witness a heartwarming story of a little girl who needed badly a heart surgery. This was somewhat an emotional story that would heart touch a hard skeptic. This performance also depicts the dedication and unselfishness of the Jewish medical community to treat their adversaries and the children of them at no cost to their families. An eye opener to skeptics about what kind of people the Jewish people really are. 
Larry Theisen 

Great play ... heartwarming story ... great acting!! 
John Wilkinson

Thank you very much for the great play - it was powerful and very touching. The world needs to know about SACH! 
Irina Paley

I saw "The Children’s Republic" on April 27th for the first time and I’m going to see it for the second time this weekend. It caught my soul and captivated the mind. This is the first play in my sixty seven years that I’m going to see more than once.
The play is an important and effective way of teaching today’s children and adults about courage, loyalty, kindness, justice, and the consequences of inaction. It would be great if the play could be shown around the world or made into a movie, so that more people could get the timeless and endlessly relevant message it delivers.
The actors didn’t seem to be acting at all – they became the characters from the first scene and stayed there till the curtain dropped. The wonderful script, the beautiful music, sound effects, set design and costumes - all come together with masterful directing and brilliant acting from the heart - to create an unforgettable theatrical experience that will stay with you forever.
David Feldman

"Alice in Mathland" offers a whimsical approach to mathematics. The story exposes the beauty and wonderment of the subject while adding creativity and wit to the storyline.
Lauren Sobota-Paxton, Mathematics Teacher, Wayzata Central Middle School

It was so fun to see the movie you and the kids made! I was quite taken at the enthusiasm the kids and the seniors had for the project. I am sure the film was a great lesson to the kids as to what it was like to be an American boy or girl in the early 20th century. The vignettes were VERY inventive and funny, and totally evocative of what the early silent movies were like. I really congratulate you on your ability to capture that era and have fun with it.
Jeanne Andersen, St. Louis Park Historical Society

Must see! It is quite unique to see actors who are that young at a Fringe show and I thought that the children were very well coached and acted quite professional in a great ensemble with adults. I also join compliments about live music, costumes, and the program!
Caroline Nelson, Minnesota Fringe Festival audience review

I thought the play was faithful to the book. It was very well acted by what must be the youngest troupe the fringe has ever seen!
David Spencer, Minnesota Fringe Festival audience review

I was absolutely stunned by the story of the Leningrad Siege and how you were able to bring it to life with so few props or effects. Sadly, I knew little of the story, and this was a great telling of the tragedy by children (primarily) for all of us.
Michael Burgoyne

These kids do a great job! Congratulations to a group of fine young people doing a good show in a novel way."
Christopher Kidder, Artistic Director at Commedia Beauregard
Staged as a radio drama with sound effects (including Theremin use!) and good music; talented children actors; the show makes you use your imagination a lot too. Do not miss it and bring your children!
Megan Schulman, Minnesota Fringe audience review

I saw The Children's Republic play and I thought it was marvelous. Prior to seeing your play, I knew almost nothing about Janusz Korczak. I left the theater appreciating him and his message so much, feeling like I had been there. All the actors were great, but the children, in particular were amazing. They really seemed to inhabit their parts, and the story, and that was quite beautiful and moving - really brought the story to life in the message it shared about children.
Margaret Rog, Public relations for arts & community

Your company's work with the young actors was pleasantly surprising and the choice of materials interesting and well played.
Todd Bruse, Producing Director Sabes JCC

Our Festival was completely enchanted by your children actors. We all hope you will consider a return trip next year.
Richard Albert, Renaissance Festival Director, Michigan

About Classes

Wow! The professionalism and attention to the art by the teachers is very affirming. The classes are very fun and encourage you to throw yourself out there and act in the moment, act with a purpose, and act without a plan. The teachers are encouraging, professional, and talented that love and live the art, and have a unique talent to create this spark in their students. I took the Improv for Life Class. The lessons helped me overcome my awkwardness and shyness when it comes to speaking, talking, or just being present with an audience or groups of people and strangers. The classes are so fun too. You feel a rush after each class and time goes by way too quickly. Many quotes and lessons from the pioneers of acting are present in each workshop. Talk about a knowledge bomb! The teachers are incredibly talented and smart. This all takes place in a fun, friendly, non-judgemental environment! Wahoo!
Adam G.

My daughter went to Harmony and loved it! Teachers are very dedicated, and their end-of-the-year performance was fantastic! Summer camp was also fun and a great success. I strongly recommend attending Harmony.
Mariya C., parent

I'm so glad Harmony Theatre and Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Twin Cities partnered to offer filmmaking classes with help from Legacy funding. My Little Sister and I truly benefited from the experience. Sessions were lively, fun and instructive. And the staff was caring, professional, knowledgeable and extremely child-friendly. Together my match and I experienced working in groups, developing verbal and nonverbal forms of expression while all along making a movie!
Dru Frykberg

I want to thank you for all the hard work and dedication you showed working with my daughter and the other children in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. My daughter loved being a part of both the improv and the filmmaking sessions. One of her teachers came and saw the screening of the film as well. Her teacher was amazed and I am amazed too. My daughter is so proud of herself and I am so proud of her.
I chose to try improv first because I figured if she was unable to perform on stage, everyone would just improv around her, but she did it! I figured the filming would be good for my daughter as well because she was filming, and not performing, in front of a group. It also helped that I was able to be with her. She was successful and her confidence soared --I am convinced her participation in the program is what has helped her to participate in school programs.
I just want you to know what a HUGE impact you have had on this one little child (I'm sure the other participants were positively impacted as well) and I want to thank you for having this program. It means the world to my daughter and me.
Peggy Larkin, parent

Harmony Theatre really respects kids and helps them to be who they want to be.
Rebecca Rechkin, student

I adore this place. They write original stuff. There are no auditions. The kids don't have to try out. There's no stress and the shows are amazing. I really consider it a part of my daughter's schooling. They're doing serious material; they're reading and interpreting. It's helped her with school; it's helped her with her confidence. But more than that, it's like a family here. It's a truly wonderful place.
Daron Dolynchuk, parent

My two daughters started with Harmony 3 years ago. They have been transformed from awkward, shy quiet, self-conscious girls to strong, self confident, well spoken young ladies. Harmony has been a wonderful experience providing solid skills in acting, speaking, improvising, writing and following directions. Harmony Theatre and School Company consistently provides appropriate challenges for every child and adult involved, from script writing to public speaking. The children and adults have fun while learning skills for everyday life. Harmony Theatre and School Company is a wonderful, amazing, magical experience for everyone who takes a class. I would recommend Harmony to children and adults alike!
Rivkah Borg, parent

I really enjoyed attending your open class. Besides getting a chance to see my daughter and the other kids perform, I was impressed by your style which was relaxed and encouraging while offering constructive criticism. It's very difficult to make teenagers feel good while pointing out how they need to improve, but you seemed able to bring the best out of these kids, continually striving to push their talent while building their confidence in the process.
William G. Iacono, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology and Law, University of Minnesota

The HARMONY Theatre instructors are able to connect with the participants in a way that makes them feel comfortable and safe. Any youth-serving organization could benefit greatly from their ability to make theatre fun and accessible to all newcomers.
Brian Hissong
Director of Match Support at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities